We believe that advising executives needs a qualified understanding of behavioural science as well as practical skills (frameworks and methods) that enable those executives to make advances in their day-to-day business life quickly.

We have therefore designed the Skills-based Mentoring Program. There are two parts to the Program:

1️⃣  Listening to our client’s career context and purpose so that we can design a tailored approach to career strategies, objectives and timeframes. This is coupled with specific support to business challenges during the Program that neither of us can anticipate – a little like your own “guide-on-the-side” in solving business problems.

2️⃣  Sharing pre-designed business skills that we have developed into short modules that enable you to be more effective in your career and work. These modules are rarely taught in business but are essential skills that can be practiced immediately.


  • 🔀 Augment your existing great capability with great skills
  • 🔖 Skills-based certificated program
  • 📅 12-month program
  • 👨🏼‍💼 Focus on mid-level and senior executives
  • 🆓 First and twelfth month free and you only need to commit month-to-month


  • Feedback theory
  • Conflict management
  • Art of Persuasion
  • The hierarchy of business planning
  • Managerial capability
  • Neuroscience of learning
  • Sleep theory in a work setting
  • Personal branding
  • Leadership
  • Advanced LinkedIn profile
  • Social media for executives
  • Data privacy and security
  • Business writing skills
  • Other bespoke modules based on needs


We work with fine organisations around the world looking to achieve their objectives