We believe consulting is about you, not us.

Too often consultants conduct work without regard to existing organisational ideas and capability. That is why many reports end up gathering dust on a shelf. Our approach to consulting is to apply proven academic frameworks that bring out the best in your organisational ideas and capabilities to achieve your objectives.

EPOCHS Strategy® is our proprietary framework to move your organisation through time from Point A to Point B with a winning strategy.  The framework is unique in fusing; business strategy, organisational design and the neuroscience of human behaviour into one cohesive approach.

Definition: Epochs (noun) – Particular periods of time marked by distinctive features or events.

EPOCHS Strategy®

  • E: Environment – analysis of the environment within which your organisation operates
  • P: Purpose – agreement on your organisational purpose and time horizon given (E)
  • O: Objectives – selecting measurable business objectives over an epoch that represents success and is consistent with (P)
  • C: Culture – defining desired dominant cultures of practice and gap analysis to meet (O)
  • H: Hierarchy – designing the Strategic Pillars and main work of strategy then assigning to primary organisational roles to deliver (O) and (C)
  • S: Systems – implementing supporting systems and processes to enact and measure work outputs

The above methodology draws upon a large body of academic research including work from: Matthew Walker, Nancy Lee, Daniel Kahneman, Carol Dweck, Charles Carnegie & Dennis McDonald, Marvin Weisbord, Warner Burke & George Litwin, Robert Hoffman & Lia DiBello et al, John Medina, Richard Rumelt, and Steve Sammartino.


  • 🔼 Focus on the apex of the organisation including the Board, CEO, Executive and General Managers
  • 🧠 Using proven neuroscience research to disrupt outmoded mental models of work
  • ⏭ Short periods of work with staged deliverables that add value at each stage
  • ⏱ Sensitive to managerial time constraints so you can both run and change the business
  • ♻️ Reuse of existing work, projects and ideas from your own teams
  • 💲 Fixed-price assignments that match price with value


  • EPOCHS Strategy® workshops
  • Market research and analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business review
  • Financial modelling
  • Business simulations
  • Business Plan authoring
  • Economic valuation
  • Capital structure¹
  • Pitch and Information Memorandum authoring
  • Innovation audit
  • R&D tax and grants²
  • Organisational design
  • Capability assessment
  • Managerial Role design
  • Cultural assessment and change

¹ Any Financial advice is provided by consultants registered with ASIC under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)
² Any Tax advice is provided by consultants registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)

Our consultants have current Board experience, tertiary qualifications in business and are members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. They are qualified and skilled in advising the Board on fiduciary, legal and process matters.


  • 🔍 Designed to augment functioning Boards with independent counsel
  • 4️⃣ Focus on balancing the four main roles of a Board:
    • Strategy of the organisation and monitoring performance and risk
    • Capital allocation and solving any capital shortfalls
    • Compliance to laws, regulations, guidelines and ethical principles
    • CEO role design and performance measurement of the CEO and key executives
  • ⏱ Flexible engagement models including retainer, one-off reviews and special projects
  • 🎭 Specialists in Board and Organisational Culture
  • ⚖️ Some of our work may be covered by legal professional privilege in some circumstances¹


  • Our flagship Empowering Purpose® Board Review
  • Board meetings, records and effectiveness
  • Annual Board calendars
  • The role of technology in Board effectiveness
  • The difference between Board meetings and meetings of Members (shareholders)
  • Duties of Directors
  • Reducing Director risk
  • Role Descriptions for Board members
  • Financial skills for Directors
  • Review of Constitution and Shareholder Agreement¹
  • Independent dispute mediation

¹ Any Legal advice is provided by parties accredited as solicitors by The Law Society of New South Wales and the Law Institute of Victoria

We believe that advising executives needs a qualified understanding of behavioural science as well as practical skills (frameworks and methods) that enable those executives to make advances in their day-to-day business life quickly.

We have therefore designed the Executive (Skills-based) Mentoring Program. There are two parts to the Program:

1️⃣  Listening to our client’s career context and purpose so that we can design a tailored approach to career strategies, objectives and timeframes. This is coupled with specific support to business challenges during the Program that neither of us can anticipate – a little like your own “guide-on-the-side” in solving business problems.

2️⃣  Sharing pre-designed business skills that we have developed into short modules that enable you to be more effective in your career and work. These modules are rarely taught in business but are essential skills that can be practiced immediately.


  • 🔀 Augment your existing great capability with great skills
  • 🔖 Skills-based certificated program
  • 📅 12-month program
  • 👨🏼‍💼 Focus on mid-level and senior executives
  • 🆓 First and twelfth month free and you only need to commit month-to-month


  • Feedback theory
  • Conflict management
  • Art of Persuasion
  • The hierarchy of business planning
  • Managerial capability
  • Neuroscience of learning
  • Sleep theory in a work setting
  • Personal branding
  • Leadership
  • Advanced LinkedIn profile
  • Social media for executives
  • Data privacy and security
  • Business writing skills
  • Other bespoke modules based on needs

Applied in the following industries

  • 👵🏼 Aged Care
  • 🏦 Banking
  • 📡 Defence
  • ♿️ Disability Services
  • 🎓 Education
  • ⚡️ Energy and Utilities
  • 💹 Financial Services
  • 📦 FMCG
  • 🏥 Healthcare
  • ☂️ Insurance
  • 🖥 IT and Telecoms
  • 🏭 Manufacturing
  • 💎 Mining and Resources
  • ⚖️ Professional Services
  • 🛍 Retail
  • ✈️ Transport
  • 💳 FinTech
  • 🔖 LegalTech
  • 🏛 RegTech
  • 🏗 PropertyTech
  • 💡 EnergyTech
  • 🚜 AgriTech
  • 🚙 MobilityTech
  • ♻️ EcoTech


We work with fine organisations around the world looking to achieve their objectives.